How To Cover Your Jewelry, Art, and Other Specialty Items!

We hear it a lot, folks thinking that all of their specialty items, like jewelry, fine art, collectables, etc., are covered under their standard homeowners policy. In a way they are, but in most cases they have limits that only value them up to a certain limit. This means that a separate policy is needed, these policies are generally referred to as inland marine policies. Not for boats, but for your special items!

What’s Inland Marine Policy All About?

Accidents can happen to your favorite stuff. Your amazing artwork could get damaged while being moved, your precious jewelry might go missing, or your super cool collectibles could disappear. But don’t worry! A Inland Marine Policy is here to save the day! Unlike regular home insurance that only covers things inside your house, Inland Marine takes care of your special items, even when they’re not at home.

Things Covered by Inland Marine Policy:

  1. Artwork: Whether you love paintings, sculptures, or ancient things, Inland Marine Policy protects your cool art from accidents while it’s being taken somewhere or shown at a special event.
  2. Jewelry: Your jewelry is more than just bling; it’s super special! With Inland Marine, you can go out knowing your shiny gems are safe from getting lost or stolen.
  3. Collectibles: Have an awesome collection of rare coins, vintage toys, or sports stuff? Inland Marine makes sure your amazing collectibles stay safe from unexpected troubles.
  4. Antiques: Fancy old furniture and stuff? Inland Marine loves antiques too! It keeps them safe from any accidents, whether they’re at home or being moved.
  5. Electronics: Gadgets are a big part of life! Your laptops, cameras, and other electronics are safer with Inland Marine, even when you take them outside your home.

Why Should You Have Inland Marine Policy for Your Special Stuff?

  1. Extra Protection: Inland Marine Policy works together with your other insurance to give extra protection, just for your special and portable things.
  2. Peace of Mind: Life is full of adventures, and sometimes, that means taking your cool stuff with you. Inland Marine makes sure your treasures are safe, whether you’re traveling or going to an event.
  3. Custom-Made Coverage: One size doesn’t fit all, especially for your special things. Inland Marine lets you choose what works best for your awesome stuff.
  4. Affordable Safety: Protecting your special things doesn’t have to be super expensive. Inland Marine Policies are a budget-friendly option to keep your treasures safe.
  5. No More Worries: Life’s too short to worry about “what-ifs.” With a Inland Marine Policy, you can enjoy your hobbies without fearing you’ll lose your special stuff.


So, there you have it! Inland Marine Policy might sound funny, but it’s the hero that guards your most special things. From cool art and jewelry to awesome collectibles, this special insurance keeps your treasures safe all the time. Don’t assume the current homeowners or renters policy has all your bases covered. Talk with an agent and review your “stuff” to see if a Inland Marine Policy might be a good fit for you.

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