Understanding Maryland’s New Uninsured Motorist Fines?

As of July 1, 2024, Maryland has introduced stricter fines for uninsured motorists. These changes aim to reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road. Not only does this help promote safety and financial responsibility, but it should help consumers with less likely chances of having uninsured motorist claims. If you’re a resident of Hagerstown, or anywhere in the state of Maryland, it’s crucial to understand these new regulations and their implications.

Increased Fines for Uninsured Motorists

Driving without insurance in Maryland has always been illegal, but the penalties have now become more severe. The fines have been increased to deter drivers from taking the risk of going uninsured.

  1. Change in Penalties: The fine for not having insurance has increased from $150 for the first 30 days to $200 for the first 30 days. Each additional day of going uninsured is still $7 a day. The kicker is that now the maximum annual fine can grow to is $3,500. This is up from the previous limit of $2,500.

What Are Additional Consequences?

In addition to fines, uninsured drivers face other severe penalties, which aim to reinforce the importance of maintaining proper insurance coverage. Fines are something that the MVA holds onto and generally never forgets about (we have seen fines from years ago be held against drivers). Here are a few other things that happen when a registered car in the State of MD has no insurance.

  1. Vehicle Registration Suspension: Typically, uninsured drivers will have their vehicle registration suspended by the MVA. The registration will only be reinstated upon providing proof of insurance (typically done through a FR19) and paying all associated fines.
  2. Non-Renewal of Registration: In some cases, if you have a fine with the MVA that has been unpaid, or an open FR-19 case, the MVA may prohibit you from renewing the registration of your vehicle. They may also not allow you to register other vehicles in your name until cases are cleared up.
  3. License Suspension and Reinstatement Fees: An uninsured motorist may also have their driver’s license suspended. To reinstate the license, the driver must provide proof of insurance and pay any associated fees.

The Importance of Maintaining Insurance

These harsher penalties serve as a deterrent and emphasize the importance of carrying adequate insurance. We get it. Insurance rates are getting more expensive, even for consumers that have great driving records. The point here is that driving without insurance not only puts you at financial risk but also endangers other people on the road.

How to Prevent Issues With the MVA

At Younger Insurance Agency, we understand the importance of staying compliant with Maryland’s insurance laws. We have clients that switch insurance over to our agency each and every day. During this process, we handle what needs done with the MVA and how we are here to help in the process. Here are a few other pointers to keep in compliance with the MVA.

  1. Update Your Address: Keep your address updated in the MVA system. Their new online portal allows you to easily update your address as life changes happen. In the event of a issue with your insurance proof being submitted to the MVA, or any other MVA issue, they will generally email you and mail something. If you have the wrong address on file with them, you may miss important communications.
  2. Turn In Your License Plate: One of the biggest issues we hear about is the MVA issuing fines on cars that are no longer in a customers possession. For instance, if you trade your old car in on a new vehicle, but do not transfer the tags/license plate, and cancel insurance on the old vehicle, you will most likely get a fine from the MVA. This is easily fixed, but is a easier problem to avoid. If you not longer possess a vehicle, or are cancelling insurance on it, you should return the tags to the MVA as soon as possible.
  3. Keep Active Insurance: Having a lapse in insurance not only makes it harder for you to get favorable rates in the future, but it also leads to fines with the MVA. If you have a policy cancel, we suggest working to replace that policy with other coverage (or reinstate it) as soon as possible. A lapse leads to fines with the MVA, which could lead to suspended registration, which leads to further fines etc. Avoid the headache, keep a insurance policy active.


The recent changes to uninsured motorist fines in Maryland prove the State’s commitment to road safety and financial responsibility. For residents of Hagerstown, MD, and the rest of Maryland, understanding these changes is essential to avoid hefty fines and legal consequences.

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